Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Almost Fall

The weather was wonderful today. The high was 68 degrees and it was a bit overcast. That is just my kind of weather! Maybe I am weird, but I don't really like summer. The heat really gets to me, and I get so I don't want to hardly leave my nice airconditioned apartment. My husband actually got out of school at 10:30am. We ended up going to a place called All Fired Up, and painted pottery. I did a teapot and Tim did a snowman (he loves snowmen!). I will have pictures later. They keep them for a week to fire them and before they do that the colours look kind of dull. This coming Thursday I am headed out to Seattle, WA to visit with my inlaws and attend Tim's bestfriend's wedding. I am really looking foward to it, but sad that my husband cannot get the time off to come.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a Jimmy Buffett concert in Bristow, VA. I LOVE Jimmy Buffett, and his concerts are so much fun. Once again I can not post any pictures. I got a cute outfit for the concert, but I guess I will just have to post the pictures later. :(

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