Friday, September 9, 2011

Love this Dress!

I admired this dress at Modcloth for months. Decided I would not buy it, but kept going back to look at it. Then it sold out, and it came back and sold out again. Finally it came back in stock and I gave in. I love it and believe I will wear it A LOT, so I think it was a good purchase. I have started wearing flowers in my hair more often. This one is really big and I like it. However I must apologise for my hair. It was looking really dirty that day. I have no idea why it was clean. Oh well, that is not a big deal.

This weekend I am going to Gettysburg with my husband. I am hoping to get a lot of nice pictures. Not sure yet if I will take outfit pictures. I may just take landscape pictures, or just enjoy the sights and not worry about pics. We shall see. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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