Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Love Story

This weekend I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid in my friend Laura's wedding.

Let me tell you a story: Ten years ago I was at cookout with some of my friends. I called my friend Laura and asked if she would like to come and join us. It took me a while to convince her she would have a good time, but eventually she joined us. While he was not the person giving the party my friend Brad was also there. I was about 21 at the time of the cookout and had known Brad since I was 16 because he was a good friend of a young man I dated back then. Brad noticed Laura instantly and thought she was very pretty. Some of us were about to go out riding on the fourwheelers and Brad asked Laura if she would like to ride with him. By the end of the evening they had exchanged phone numbers and began to date.

Several months passed and things were good. However, Laura had plans of moving from Tennessee to Florida. This caused a rift. They loved eachother, but neither person would budge on the moving issue.

They broke up and Laura moved to Florida, and Brad stayed in Tennessee. Laura loved FL, but I always believed she missed Brad. She had heard that he had moved on and that upset her, but she decided it was time to move on herself. At the time she did not intend on moving back to TN.

She met a man and they started dating. Unfortunatly he was not a good person, she realized this and broke up with him. Only to find out that she was pregnant. She had no desire to reconcile with this man, so she packed up and moved back to TN.

She did not call Brad to tell him that she had come back, but they ended up running into each other at a local store. They began talking regularily, but only as friends. Then after she had the baby they began to date. I can't remember how long they dated this time, but I think it was a couple of years. I'm also not sure what happened but once again they broke up.

Laura decided it was time to really get her life together. She had been living with her parents and working full time. She decided to back to school and get her own apartment. It was hard but she got her degree and found a teaching job. During these years she also met another man. He seemed like a good guy. After a while they became engaged. I knew Laura loved him, but I just didn't feel that it was right. When she called her wedding off 10 days before I was relieved. While I didn't say it to her at the time I still felt like her and Brad were meant to be.

A couple more years went by, and Laura got a better teaching job, and bought a house. I think for the first time in her life she was feeling settled and happy. She had her son, her family and friends, her career and her house. She was very content. What better time to run into Brad at the county fair! They talked and were friendly, but she didn't think much of it. Until he sent her some text messages. Then he asked her to go out to eat. She was still very cautious. Then one afternoon he came by her house to visit, and sat and help her son with a school project for hours. She said it was then she knew she was in love with him and always had been.

That visit was in January. They became engaged in April and were married this past Saturday (July 23rd). As it turns out in all those years Brad had never told another woman that he loved her. Laura is the only woman he has ever said that to. Through all the years of their non traditional courtship I always felt that they were supposed to be together. I had no idea when things would come together and the time would be right, but I knew it would come.

I am so happy that they found their way back to eachother. I know they will have a life full of love and happiness. Here a few pictures. I could hardly get the bride to stand still long enough to get a shot of her!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Of Thee I Zing"

I recently said to my husband that I would be happy when the trend of substituting Zs for Ss in words was over. I'm sure you know what I am talking about. One good example is the meal plan website we subscribe to "Emealz" what would have been wrong with just using an S?

Well I came across this book that was just released. It is called "Of Thee I Zing" by Laura Ingraham. The book is a look at popular culture and the decline that American have taken. In the way they behave and the way they dress.

Everyday I look around me and I am saddened by what I see. Young children riding their bikes and talking on their cell phones at the same time. Or they are supposedly outside playing, but what they are actually doing is playing a game on a D.S. What happened to imagination? I could play outside for hours and hours as a child and nothing electronic was ever involved.

Another thing is common courtesy and good ettiquette. Both of those things seem to have become totally lost in popular culture. Why can people not seem to be nice or have any patience? If it takes more than three minutes to check out at the grocery they are getting huffy and complaining.

This lack of manners is what inspired my blog title. I really try to have good manners and proper ettiquette. Also I try to be nice to people. I hear so many people say that they just say what they think, but I really believe that is just an excuse to be mean to people. I try not to say things to hurt other people's feelings, and if I do not like someone I just ignore them. Not go out of my way to make their life miserable. Now don't get me wrong I am honest with my friends. Just for example if I was helping a friend pick out a dress for an event. I would not tell her that something looked good even if it didn't just because I am scared of hurting here feelings. However, I would try and say it in a nice way and suggest something that might look better.

Of course I am not always succesful in not hurting feelings and having good manners, but I am really trying to be a good example. Join me if you will in my quest to put a little couth back into our society. I intend to read more books on popular culture and ettiquette and will share my feelings about them.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Yellow Dress

I saw this dress on Shabby Apple's website and I just could not resist. The color and the print just make me feel happy. I am going to have to have it sized. All that was left was a large and it is a bit to big on me. I wish that my sewing skills were good enough to do it myself, but they are not. However for now I compensated for the largeness by adding a belt. The belt came from Kohl's and the sandles I don't know...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello everyone!! This is Rachel from "Life According to Rachel". Something happened to my other blog. Still not sure what, but try as I might I could not seem to fix it. I really think it was somehow hacked, but I cannot do anything to it at all. I hope that the people who followed me before will follow me now too! It has taken me the last several days to come up with this title, and I like it a lot better than the other. As I was thinking of titles I realized that one of the things that really gets to me is people having bad manners and using bad ettiquette. However, I tend to be a bit on the strange side and often contradict my own beliefs, so I thougtht that "Ettiquette Eccentric" was a pretty good description of me. I do have some work to do to the blog. I want to have a good picture for the header. Maybe this weekend I can take some. Also I have no idea about background. This one was an already made one, but still I thought it was pretty.

Ok, well I will blog more tomorrow. I am reading a new book I can't wait to tell you all about!!