Friday, August 26, 2011

It isn't necessary to have relatives in Kansas City in order to be unhappy

As some of you may know from my previous blog my husband and I have been living in Virginia for the last 4 months while he attends Army Command School. We have known all along this would only be a six month assignment and then we would move on to a new duty station.

We have been anxiously awaiting the orders to come. I will admit I was dreaming of places like Germany, Alaska, or even Hawaii. Well the orders finally came and they were to Ft. Riley, Kansas. My husband is very happy because his family is originally from Kansas and we will be living only a couple of hours away from some Aunts, Uncles and cousins. I am happy about living closer to his family. Especially since for the first four years of our marriage we lived close to my family. It seems only fair. However, I will admit that I am having trouble adjusting to the idea of living in Central Kansas. We are pretty isolated out there. I'm sure that once we find a place to live and most importantly when I make friends I will like it just fine. Speaking of friends; I believe they are really what make you like or dislike any place that you live.

I have already been looking into volunteer work to do on post, and if I am not pregnant by the time we get settled in there I plan on finding a paying job as well. Probably only part-time, but I am really starting to miss work, and my profession. I worked as a pharmacy technician for ten years and I do miss feeling like I am helping people on a daily basis.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I am going to see Jimmy Buffett in concert, so I am pretty excited!!

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  1. I recommend reading some of the Little House on the Prairie books while you're out there. hehehe. One of them is located in Kansas, but I am sure it is nothing like how it was back in those days. I would LOVE to live out there because isolated places seem so interesting to me and I'm not a city type of person. I hope you get volunteer work soon enough (or get pregnant). So you really are hardly going to be in Virginia at all! That's crazy how often you will be moving about.